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Discovering Diois, the Drôme valley and Vercors

Around the Solaure mill

The natural environment around the Solaure mill is rich in leisure activities and discoveries.

You can enjoy with your children the natural pools of the Drôme, ideal for cooling off in summer.

Children’s games in the garden with the little tree house where they can let their imaginations go to great adventures.

It is also the starting point for discovering magnificent viewpoints and hiking in the surrounding countryside.

Discover the pretty town of Die and the surrounding villages of Diois

Diois is a natural and historic region located in the department of Drôme.

It is part of the French Pre-Alps and constitutes the catchment area of ​​the Drôme river its tributaries.

Geographically, the Diois covers the south of the Vercors massif and the north of the Drôme provençale.

Die’s has been rich and eventful since the Neolithic and galloroman times, when it was a strategic stop on the Roman route to the Gauls.

In the middleages it was an important city, seat of a sometimes disputed political and religious power.

Since then, it has continued to be a refuge and a centre of attraction for those wanting to experience a better life.

Die and all the surrounding villages have a great sense of hospitality and a rich and diverse heritage.

presentation environment Solaure mill
présentation environnement moulin de solaure

Take advantage of the many activities offered by Diois and Drôme

  • White water, canoeing, fishing, canyoning, caving,
  • hiking, climbing, mountain walking, via ferrata,
  • bicycle, mountain bike, scooter or downhill mountain bike, summer toboggan,
  • paragliding, tree climbing, horse riding,
  • and in winter the Rousset pass station 35 mins away.

The Clairette de Die

Find out where to rediscover its different varieties.

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